The COVID-19 situation came with a problem and an opportunity.

I was isolated at home, by myself. the phobia and the uncertainty of the situation were getting to me. I had to make changes to my lifestyle. I had to cook and clean and look after myself and my place. I was away from the people i love. so i would talk to them and hold it together.

However, the opportunity was, when we are not able to meet others, is there a chance to meet ourselves. deal with the parts that were not dealt with.

This led me to a quest. if we are robbed of our freedom to go out and take pictures, can we turn to our archives and make new memories?

Over the last couple of years, I have been shooting a lot of analog snapshots - mostly with Lomography and point & shoot cameras. These were just to have fun, to find a release from shooting assignments that involved planning. I also tested a lot of cameras and films during this time as I was getting back to shooting analog.

When I was going through the scans, I realized how pure and fun these images were. They also featured some of my favorite subjects.

I wondered, is it possible to take these casual pictures and make a photograph, that is imbued with intent? and in the process make new memories, a suit of armor that would keep me safe and happy?


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