Photography helps me interpret the strange beauty that surrounds us. It helps me lift the veil of what can be seen with the naked eye, to reveal something profound or playful, or both. It encourages me to ask the questions: who are we, where do we come from, why are we here, how are we connected?

My practice also brings together various things that I love: writing, drawing, photographs and moving images.

I live in chennai, india.
insta @madhavan.palanisamy

Winner: Lensculture B&W Awards 2019 for Appa and other animals
Appa and other animals in Lensculture  GUP Magazine 
Appa and other animals Selected for JRNL 4 (Guest Edited by Katherine Harris Pomerantz)
Portfolio in GUP Magazine with a note from Linda Zhengová
Honorable mention in Monovisions Awards 
Feature in Discarded Magazine

I took some pictures and made a photograph: selected for JRNL 5 (Guest edited by Elisa Medde) 

Indian Army Project featured in Phroom Magazine
Indian Army Project featured in : WU Magazine
Souls are made of Stardust featured in Liberation France
Souls are made of Stardust featured in Landscape Stories

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